Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Day 283 - October 10th

A honey bee enjoying the autumn afternoon sunshine.

Day 282 - October 9th

Tux loves a high vantage point from which he can see all that is going on. The top of my Dad's garden shed with the warm felt roof is one of his favourites.

Day 281 - October 8th

The Snow Berries are now appearing in the hedgerows.

Day 280 - October 7th

A very chilly walk over the fields today. It is certainly beginning to feel like Autumn! This area of land on the parish boundary is, I was told by the farmer, known as 'Gallows Corner'. A search of the internet doesn't provide any further information about this but as gallows were often placed on a boundary, projecting into the next parish so that the spirit of the hanged would not haunt the parish that hanged them, it seems a possible reason for the name.

Day 279 - October 6th

More summer bedding plants still in flower.

Day 278 - October 5th

The hydrangea plant in my Mum & Dad's garden is at that stage where some of the petal are starting to become skeletal. I've seen tutorials online for making the perfect skeleton hydrangea petals using baking soda but nature doesn't so a bad job itself.

Day 277 - October 4th

We bought some autumn flowering plants the other day to put in some pots outside the house - pansies, cyclamen, ivies and heathers. 

Day 276 - October 3rd

Today I attended my last council meeting. After nearly 21 years as Clerk to the Council I've handed the role over to someone else.

At the end of the meeting I was surprised with a beautiful basket of flowers, card and gift presented to me by the chairman.

Day 275 - October 2nd

Beautiful pinky orange sky this evening.

Day 274 - October 1st

Christopher bought some locally brewed beers recently and I was intrigued by the name on one of the bottles. Side Pocket for a Toad! Apparently this is an old Hertfordshire saying alluding to the uselessness of anything. Similar to the phrase 'chocolate teapot'. The saying is now in disuse but the Tring Brewery are leading a campaign to reintroduce the expression. Unfortunately the campaign hasn't gone well and most people just ask for a pint of Toad, Side Pocket and sometimes 'that beer with the frog on it!' 

Day 273 - September 30th

This afternoon we all went to the Letchworth Beer and World Food Festival. It was very well attended with lots of people enjoying the world cuisine being served by the many stalls, locally brewed craft beers and live music.

Wayne and Christopher were keen to sample the beers from the Garden City Brewery - a new micro brewery and bar in the heart of the town. The weather was good and we managed to find seats outside among the other festival goers.

Day 272 - September 29th

My Mum & Dad's Dahlias are still flowering including this subtle orange variety.

Day 271 - September 28th

The Weigela bush is still flowering some five months after it first burst into bloom.

Day 270 - September 27th

Someone is enjoying a spot of Autumn sunshine.

Day 269 - September 26th

In a few days time I will be leaving one of my jobs. It will be the end of an era and my home office will be emptied and re-purposed.

Day 268 - September 25th

Tux has been bringing a number of his friends home lately! This little chap was caught this morning quite soon after we became aware of him hiding behind the dishwasher! He was released, shortly after the photo was taken, back into the wild where he belongs.

Monday, 2 October 2017

2017 Summer Photography Scavenger Hunt

This summer I again took part in the Summer Photography Scavenger Hunt which this year Mary-Lou of Patio Postcards and Lady Ella at The Flowers of Progress devised.

Here are my photos taken between 1st June and 30th September:

1. Something fuzzy
A fuzzy bumble bee on field scabies 

2. Bubbles
Bubbles in a water feature at the National Botanic Garden of Wales.

3. A web
Spiders web on the washing line one morning

4. A zig zag
Inverted bell sculpture at Kidwelly Castle

5. A seasonal relaxing space/item
New patio furniture

6. A pipe
A pipe retained in captivity by a POW displayed at the Duxford Imperial War Museum

7. The inside of something
The inside of a hole in a stone at the WWT Wetlands Centre at Llaneli

8. Rust or something derelict
Metal sculpture at the National Botanic Garden of Wales

9. A kite or balloon
A red kite bird at the British Bird of Prey Centre in the National Botanic Garden of Wales

10. Something Yellow
The Tiger Moth plane which my daughter had a flight in in June.

11. A toy only found out during June to September
My son's Spitfire care - a big boys toy which is only suitable for 'playing with' during the summer!

12. A wedding
A bit of a cheat! A photograph of a photo of our wedding, the 30th anniversary of which we celebrated 
in September.

I did attempt to take a photograph of the wedding scene at the Chapterhouse outdoor production of 
Jane Eyre we attended but failed miserably due to the darkness!

13. A dome
The dome of the Archer Pavilion at Wrest Park, Bedfordshire

14. Someone fishing
My daughter fishing

15. Something crafted from wood
A heart crafted from drift wood. this was on the wall of the holiday home we stayed at in the summer.

16. A baby (human or animal)
Baby swans (cygnets) at the WWT Wetlands Centre at Llaneli.

17. Circles or crosses in architecture
Circular window in the Archer Pavilion at Wrest Park, Bedfordshire

18. A fan
The USB fan I bought when it became particularly hot in our office at work.

19. Feet of man or beast
My cats feet.

20. Something found under ground
Garlic bulbs at the National Botanic Garden of Wales

21. A plaque
One of many plaques at the National Botanic Garden of Wales

22. A dial
Dial on a vintage car at the Autokarna, a classic car show at Wollaton Park, Nottingham

23. Something powered by wind
Small wind turbine used to power the lights around the Welsh Water Discovery Centre at the National  
Botanic Garden of Wales.

24. Seasonal food or drink
Pimms at Royal Ascot

25. A hat
My Royal Ascot hat

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Day 267 - September 24th

Today we took Steven back to university. I paused for a moment during the afternoon to take a photo of the impressive bronze statue of Brunel.

Steven told me that the statue of Isambard Kingdom Brunel was supposed to have a cigar in his mouth but it was removed because of political correctness!

I forgot to take a photo of Steven's halls but managed to borrow this photo from the internet until I can take my own.

Day 266 - September 23rd

A trip to the cinema this afternoon to see Kingsman - The Golden Circle.

Day 265 - September 22nd

After yesterdays rain, this little chap had settled himself on the side of the patio furniture.