Monday, 14 August 2017

Day 225 - August 13th

This morning dawned bright and sunny so we headed to  Pembrey County Park. Despite being mid August, Cefn Sidan Beach which can be access from the park was quite empty.

We walked along the shore and then sat for a while on the edge of the dunes.

After a quick stop at the cafe, we decided to have a game of crazy golf which Steven won.

At the end of the day, we returned to our holiday home and an impromptu barbecue.

Day 224 - August 12th

Today was Wayne's birthday so the day begun with present and card opening helped a little by Millie.

Later, we set off for a short break in Wales. After delays on the motorway due to accidents and increased traffic diverted from the Old Severn Bridge which was closed for roadworks, we finally crossed from England into Wales.

After settling into our holiday home, birthday celebrations continued with cake.

Friday, 11 August 2017

Day 223 - August 11th

Lara and I decided to give the gold fish tank a clean. The fish seem happy in their new cleaner home.

Day 222 - August 10th

The second bracelet kit arrived and Lara quickly set to making it. 

Day 221 - August 9th

I love the variegated colours in this rose in my Mum & Dad's garden.

Day 220 - August 8th

I bought Lara a beaded bracelet kit and today she made it

She really enjoyed making the bracelet and it looked really good when finished.

She liked making it so much that she asked me to order her another one.

Day 219 - August 7th

Delicate pink Hydrangea flowers.

Day 218 - August 6th

The thistles which just a few weeks ago were bright purple are now covered in soft fluffy thistledown.

Day 217 - August 5th

Some of the fields have now been harvested. The wheat has been cut and just stubble is left.

Day 216 - August 4th

A rare sight at the moment - an open Osteospermum flower. With the rain and generally dull weather we're having at the moment they are rarely open.

Day 215 - August 3rd

This afternoon Lara and I made ginger cookies.

Day 214 - August 2nd

These Crocosmia flowers in the garden always remind me of my wedding. My Nan grew some in her garden especially to use in orange/peach coloured flower arrangements which she created for the church.

Day 213 - August 1st

My Mum & Dad have these very unusual multi-coloured Dalias flowering in their garden at the moment.

Day 212 - July 31st

Driving home from Letchworth this evening the sky was really dramatic. 

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Day 211 - July 30th

We spotted a few poppies growing alongside the wheat today. Such pretty flowers.

Day 210 - July 29th

The bees like the Agapanthus and this little chap was so covered in pollen as he flitted from flower to flower.

Day 209 - July 28th

The Pineapple Lily in my Mum & Dad's garden is very unusual. 

Day 208 - July 27th

Beautiful orange Dahlia in my Mum & Dad's garden.

Day 207 - July 26th

My Dad has grown a lot of Coleus plants this year and they are really thriving. I noticed the other day that they have blue flower spikes which I had never seen before.

Day 206 - July 25th

Huge daisies growing beside the field footpaths.

Day 205 - July 24th

I agreed some time ago, after much nagging, that Lara could have her ears pierced for a second time during the school summer holidays. Today was the first day of the holidays so I was kept to my word and off we went to town to get them done.

This photo was taken shortly afterwards and the nervous look on her face is strangely exactly the same as the first time she had her ears pierced.

Day 204 - July 23rd

Whilst buying dog food the other day we also bought this for the furry members of the family.

Pawsecco - a non alcoholic, grape free still wine for cats and dogs.

We will see what Miille and Tux make of it.

Day 203 - July 22nd

We assume it won't be long before the fields of wheat are harvested. 

Day 202 - July 21st

The bees really love the Marigolds.

Day 201 - July 20th

This afternoon I harvested some of the produce from our greenhouse. Don't be fooled! These are not Aubergine but rather purple chilli peppers and very small cherry tomatoes.

The purple chilli peppers are a first for us and we are yet to taste them to see how hot they are.